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Fabric protection quote only provided with carpet cleaning.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is Stain Guard?

A: Stain Guard is a high-quality fluorocarbon carpet and fabric stain repellent that works by providing a thin but strong coating around the fibres.

Q: Does it really work?

A: The simple answer is yes, though there are certain types of fibre that don't need a repellent as they're naturally resistent to stains. We will always provide honest advise whether a stain protection treatment is worth getting done.

Q: Should I get it done?

A: If you have a natural carpet fibre, such as wool, or a natural/synthetic mix, and have kids and pets we strongly feel a protection treatment will be beneficial to you.

Q: Do you offer any deals?

A: If booked with our carpet or upholstery clean we offer fantastic money saving deals on our stain protection service. Up to 75% Off!