4 ways to tidy kids toys using the Kallax IKEA Shelf Inserts

If you have a Kallax unit from Ikea, you already know how useful and versatile it can be. But there are ways you can make it work for you even further. This article will shed light on four specific inserts that can accommodate various toys and play items — and if you’ve got kids, you’ll definitely want to pay attention.

Firstly, let’s consider the use of a horizontal insert. This type of insert is ideal for storing larger items such as wooden puzzles, chalkboards, and dry wipe boards. Its wide design allows for ample space, so if you have wider objects, you can store them in each compartment of the insert.

Next, we have the 9-space insert. Designed in a grid pattern, this insert is perfect for storing smaller items like action figures and Barbie dolls. It keeps these toys neatly arranged and easily accessible, so kids don’t have to search around for them.

Thirdly, we recommend the single shelf insert. This insert enables vertical storage, allowing you to stack bins on top of each other. It’s particularly suitable for storage bins, making it an excellent choice for a playroom with a large number of toys.

Lastly, if the Kallax inserts are unavailable, here’s a clever alternative – a tabletop paper sorter. We suggest using Velcro to secure it and prevent any accidents. The paper sorter, with its integrated shelves, can replicate the functionality of Kallax inserts when you’re in a bind.

These are excellent suggestions — now see if they work for you in keeping your children’s play areas neater!